• Still life 1 Painting, acrylic and airbrush on canvas 120cm x 60cm, 2014



Mini solo exhibition
Curated by Caro Buermann, three artist exhibit at Corey Helford gallery, LA< Zoé Byland
Solo show at KochxBos gallery Amsterdam


Captured dreams
Solo show at haven gallery, New York

Come undone
Curated by Kylie Dexter, group show at Beinart gallery, Melbourne /AU

6th Annual Art Collectors Starter Kit show
Curated by Caro Buermann, group show at Corey Helford gallery, LA

District 13
International art fair with Haven gallery, Paris

Hello Kitty’s official 45th Anniversary Group Show
By Sanrio, curated by Caro Buermann, group show at Corey Helford gallery, LA

Lucky 13 Anniversary
Curated by Caro Buermann, group show at Corey Helford gallery, LA

Season’s start
Group show at KochxBos gallery Amsterdam

Kunst Rai
International Art fair with KochxBos gallery Amsterdam


Zoé Byland/ Walter Wetter
Show at Trace gallery, Zurich

In the presence of the past
Solo show at Corey Helford gallery, Los Angeles



Solo show at KochXBos gallery, Amsterdam

Pages from a minds travellers diaries

Dorothy circus gallery 10th anniversary group show, Rome

Beneath the New waves group show

Corey Helford gallery, Los Angeles


Napoleon Complexity 

AFA NYC, New York

La Lune

Haven gallery, New York

Lost faces

Trace gallery, Zurich



Solo show at KochXBos gallery Amsterdam

Head in the clouds 

Solo show at Dorothy circus gallery, Rome

Between masks and traces 

Galerie Bäckerstrasse, Berlin

Art Monaco 15

Dorothy circus gallery

Haven gallery, Inaugural Group show

Haven gallery, New York

Zoé Byland with paintings soundtrack by D&A Brun del Re & Le diamantaire

Show at Trace gallery, Zurich


Women, Street, Art &Studio

Inoperable gallery, Vienna

Zoé Byland 

Solo show at Lay Low gallery, Palma

Scope, art Basel

Inoperable gallery

Kunst Rai

KochXBos gallery, Amsterdam


Winter group show 

KochXBos gallery, Amsterdam

Lacrima Aquarium

Dorothy circus gallery, Rome


Tiny trifecta 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Cotton Candy machine, Brooklyn/ New York, curated by Tara Mc Pherson


Kardinal-König-Kunstpreis 2011

Kunstraum St.Virgil, Salzburg

Stroke urban art fair 2010, 2011

Inoperable gallery



Pure evil gallery & Lebenson gallery, London

ARCO Madrid 2010, 2009

Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher


Identity/self II 

Praxis art gallery, New York

Bäckerstrasse 4

Galerie Bäckerstrasse 4, Wien


Art Cologne 2008, 2007

Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher

Viennafair 2008, 2007

Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Charim Galerie

Candy Cult

Breadbox Gallery, Perth/Australia


Open art München 2007

Galerie Projektraum Viktor Bucher

2006 walking, doupting, rolling shining and musing

Academy of fine arts Vienna, curated by Adam Budak


Zoé Byland is a painter, based in Switzerland.

She attended the F+F school for art and media design in Zurich and studied contextual painting at the academy of fine arts in Vienna (class of Muntean/Rosenblum, Prof. Elke Krystufek and Prof. Hans Scheirl). She studied art history and teached at an art school in Vienna.

She lives and works in Bern.

In terms of style and content my paintings are based on elements of vintage photography, film noir, graphic novels, super heroes, tattoos and classical genres of art history. I combine the traditional and the contemporary, the classical and the subcultural.

I like to use subjects from turn-of-the-century portrait photography because they are a timeless style of representation

We are always in the presence of the past but the past only exists in a selective, staged form, altered by memory. I want to create moments in my paintings that elude time and space, in which history and the present day are blended together.

Disguises are another central aspect of my work. My characters never fully reveal their identity; they retain a degree of secrecy, they protect themselves and are simultaneously visible and vulnerable. The viewer’s imagination has enough room to think up their own narrative ideas. An image can be read in a variety of ways and I don’t want to limit this spectrum of interpretation by applying specific meaning. Just like a good story for me a good painting needs an atmosphere that draws you in and defines the genre in which the narrative is taking place.


American Art Award 2015 /Category Acrylic painting, human figure

Opernballplakat /design of the Viennese Opera Ball poster 2012, Vienna

Kunstankauf / BMUKK artist award 2012, Vienna

Kardinal König Kunstpreis Nomination 2011, Salzburg

Strabag art award Nomination / 2008, 2010

MFA now / Master of art award 2008, New York

Fügerpreis / for painting and graphic art of the academy of fine arts 2007, Vienna

Project grant / of the academy of fine arts 2005, 2006, 2007, Vienna


Verantwortlich gemäß § 5 TMG und § 55 RStV:
Zoé Byland